By utilizing artificial intelligence, hypercubes, and virtual reality economists and traders can tap into the full benefits of the Poseidon software.  Created by Dr. Paul Cottrell, this software is used for econometric analysis and trading financial markets.  End users can use Poseidon in various ways.  Institutional investment managers can utilize Poseidon's realtime pricing and news feeds to keep up with their trading day or they can use around hundred functions to create custom investment reports and memos to their clients.  But Poseidon is not just for the professional investor.  Economists can utilize this software platform for historical data analysis and econometric modeling for their academic  research interests.  Proprietary traders can also augment their trading platform with Poseidon to get professional analytics and data feeds for their fundamental, technical, or quantitative trading styles.

Poseidon is offered in two main product lines: the professional edition and report analytics.  

Poseidon Alpha:

Poseidon Alpha is our professional platform where you get the full power of the artificial intelligence, hypercube modeling, and virtual reality engine.  The artificial intelligence capability utilizes a cognitive architecture, whereby Poseidon learns patterns of the market and builds a neural network of knowledge called an atomspace.  The hypercube modeling allows users to see the market in 3D and 4D for better visualization of market dynamics, all in realtime.  The virtual reality engine allows users to see custom screens in a VR world, which helps for better visualization of market dynamics.  This virtual reality engine is key to Poseidon's large data visualization functions.

Poseidon Neurogenesis:

Poseidon Neurogenesis is our analytical reporting system.  This product is provided free to Poseidon Alpha subscribers. Poseidon Neurogenesis has 24 reports that are provided at the end of the trading week.  Reports include world equity markets, world bond markets, commodity markets, and important rates in the United States.  Neurogenesis  also provides economic data on regions around the globe and provides 3D and 4D hypercube models of the S&P500, 10-year bond, EUR/USD, and oil futures.  All of this is available for republishing in your own research reports or marketing materials to clients.  Neurogenesis uses a virtual reality engine for visualization, as well as JPEGs for your further use of the data in your own reports and marketing materials.



The release of Poseidon Alpha and Poseidon Neurogenesis on August 6th 2015.

The release of Poseidon Alpha and Poseidon Neurogenesis on August 6th 2015.



Release Date: 



Windows 7 and up.

Mac OS X 10.10 and up.

Requires at least a dual core processor with 8 GB of memory and a fully dedicated 1 TB hard drive for the atomspace.

It is recommend that a quad core or higher with 16 GB or higher is implemented with Poseidon Alpha.  The virtual reality experience is best with an Oculus head display.