Q: What sort of research do you do?

A: The research that Dr. Paul Cottrell does is in economics and finance.  He models financial markets for trading strategies and publishes scholarly works on economics and finance.

Q: What is Paul Cottrell's credentials?

A:  Dr. aul Cottrell has a BSc in management with electives in engineering, a MBA in finance, and a Ph.D in finance. His undergraduate and masters degrees were from Wayne State University and his Ph.D studies from Walden University.  Dr. Cottrell has worked in the following industries: automotive, ublishing, retail, finance, and non-profit. He currently is a proprietary trader specializing in currency and energy markets.


Q:  Would you consider working on projects with other researchers?

A: es. Dr. Cottrell does work jointly with other researchers on scholarly works and computation finance projects.

Q: Is Paul Cottrell published?

A: es.  Dr. Paul Cottrell has published articles on front-end modules for automotive application and has published books on chaos theory and economic emergence.

Q: How do I request for more information or ask for a request for quote on a project?

A: You can go to the contact page for any inquires.