The Freedom Tower

The great obelisk in the sky is what is in the skyline of Lower Manhattan.  This magnificent architecture merges rightly the transcendental and the existential.  This is accomplished through the triangular formations of the tower's sides.  The pointed up triangle represents the existential, whereas the pointed down triangle represents the transcendental. 

The Freedom Tower 3-30-13.

Now lets look at the events of 9/11.  The mass murders that flew the planes into the Twin Towers said,"Allahu Akbar." This means God is great.  Really?  Lets look at this a little further in a scholarly way.  

Why would a god-head allow for these murders to succeed at their maniac task?  If this god-head was great what side is he on? Secularism or Fanaticism ?  Well my dear friends if this god-head could intervene to allow such attacks then this god-head is cruel and capricous.  Does this seem like a great deity?  I think not! Actually, I know so.

Some religious might say well even though these fanatics were successful that "our" god is with us.  They point to the successes in the war on terror and the rightful killing of that son of a bitch, bin Laden.  Well these stupefied people are wrong too.  

It was the determination of mankind to either to do evil or good.  It has nothing to do with some divine plan.  Self-determination and the human spirit is the core of this struggle.  Humanism is not religion, it is quite superior in fact.  This can be represented in "our" will to see this Freedom Town(er) rise and to proclaim that we are determined to rebuild without alchemy but through chemistry.  

God is not great, we are!

Paul Cottrell, BSc, MBA