Should the Kendo community denounce ISIS/ISIL? by Paul Cottrell

As a fellow American that has engaged into the art and science of KENDO I have a few comments about theocratic fascism that ISIS/ISIL is projecting in the Middle East.

As a Kendoka, I am appalled at the beheading of journalists and other westerners by ISIS/ISIL. Beheading is absolutely wrong and fascism needs to be fought on several fronts. I am completely supportive of the USA and Great Britain's bombings of ISIS/ISIL. But I do believe that the fight needs to also be taken on the ground by coalition forces, which should be led by the USA and Great Britain. We did not allow Nazism to take hold in Europe, nor should we allow ISIL to exist.

The purpose of this posting is not to explain that we need to fight ISIL, but we Kendoka need to explain how wrong it is to use swords and knives to behead innocent civilians. Kendoka study "the way of the sword" through life long training and a learned respect of the martial art. I am a very low level kendoka, but I am very disappointed in the Kendo community for not speaking out against ISIL and their disrespect of the sword.

The kendo community, as well as the free world, needs to stand up and fight ISIL with all of our soul. It is my opinion that too many kendoka are just weekend warriors that really don't stand for a damn thing.

This is our seme and tame test, but most kendoka will fail it. I will not.

Fuck you ISIL.

Bring it on.

Bring it on.